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[  Vertigo Drift  ]

Joe Presser's Story from the Driftverse

Alt-prog rock band WITH a collaborative sci-fi universe.




The Driftverse is a collaborative story with a creative commons license.

It's a sci-fi sandbox for Artists and creators.

Vertigo Drift Explores humanity’s relationship with technology through the eyes of Arin, a renegade who struggles to hold onto reality in a cybernetic future....

below are some samples from driftverse artists.

Welcome to the Driftverse

These places were always dusty.  She ran a finger across the bar, looked at the now dirty tip, and rubbed it with her thumb.  There was something reassuring about how it felt, the realness of it.

Reality had been harder to pin down lately.

Arin was always drawn to this place in particular.  A comfortable place to sit, to ruminate on everything.  She ran through the list in her head again.

Six down.  Three to go.  Then Liam.  She’d find them all.


She looked up at the bartender, then down at her glass.  She hadn’t noticed it was empty.  “Yeah, one for the road.”

He nodded and refilled the glass.  She raised it in thanks to him, and took a sip.

A noise in the back of the bar got her attention.  She turned her head and reached for her gun instinctively.

Three men were at a table, one was standing with his gun drawn.  The cards scattered on the floor set a familiar scene.  There wasn’t much rule of law out here, and things had a tendency to escalate quickly.

She kept her hand on her gun and her eyes on the men in back.  There was something wrong with the man standing.  A bright red light was coming out of his eyes.  Something wasn’t right here.

The lights flickered.  Just for a second, it was dark.  Arin looked around, no one else had noticed.  They hadn’t noticed that it was daytime out and for just a second it had been as dark as midnight.

The lights flickered again.  Everything was different.

The bar was a different color.  It was in a different place.  The man’s eyes were still glowing, but the red light was coming from his goggles.  His face was covered by his helmet.

“Hey!  Not in here, buddy.  Take it outside.”  The bartender was raising a rifle from behind the bar.  Arin caught her reflection on the back of his mechanical hand.

The man slowly lowered his gun and walked out.  As he passed by, her eyes met the red glow.  He pushed open the door and walked out.  When the door slammed shut, the lights flickered again.

She was back.  Back to the desert heat and the dust.

Or was the other world the real one?  She put her face in her hands and sighed.  She couldn’t keep track anymore.....

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Sound Design by Atom Crews of Xombie over "Eskape"
INspired the events of the song Tidal Recall


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